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Software as a Service

MoreNFT is a software designed and developed by Progredia Srl, an Italian software house that provides white-label solutions to brands. MoreNFT offers advanced and customizable tools for managing loyalty programs and community-driven interactions, through the use of blockchain and NFTs.


Revolutionizing brand-community engagement through NFTs, building a bridge between Web2 and Web3 to unlock new opportunities and foster community loyalty.


Building a future where Web3 facilitates a direct, engaging, and enduring connection between brands and communities through the ownership of digital assets.

White Label

Our solution for Brands

MoreNFT represents the ideal solution for brands looking to innovate their digital marketing through Web3 and the use of digital assets


Brands can create NFTs autonomously, without any technical expertise, and make them the access key to personalized marketing campaigns, thus offering unique and exclusive experiences to their communities.

Driving loyalty through new technologies

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the way brands and communities interact. Customers are no longer mere spectators, but desire direct engagement with the brand. 


Our goal is to make these interactions automatic and transparent through the use of blockchain technology, eliminating intermediaries and thus facilitating a direct and lasting relationship.


We provide companies with all the resources they need to fully understand and engage their community, ensuring efficient and personalized management driven by data from marketing and loyalty activities.

Integrative modules

Use cases for marketing campaigns

Exclusive opportunities and services for your community

IRL Event

Access to exclusive events

Promo Code

Unique discounts for goods and services


Drawings to select lucky winners

Exclusive content

Access to reserved contents


Reservations for privileged services

Physical Product

Redeem of physical assets


Market research to find out community preferences


Free distribution of digital assets

Killer applications

Disruptive software drives the adoption of new technologies, transforming industries and user behaviors through their effectiveness and innovation.

Scalable interoperability
Transferability and traceability
Personalized your loyalty
Building your community

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IRL Event

Exclusive access to events such as concerts and conferences for NFT holders. Users can make the claim and download the QR code needed to access the event. Once the QR code is redeemed, access to the event is automatic, with no further registration required.

Promo code

Redeeming a secret promo code following the NFT claim. The codes, generated in-house, can be used on any platform, such as your own e-commerce. By associating a promo code with this type of campaign, the strategy’s return on investment can be accurately and automatically measured and monitored.


Offering exclusive prizes or services through random raffles. Raffles take place on blockchain to ensure transparency of the draw. The prizes up for grabs, the date of the raffle, and the number of winners can be defined independently.

Exclusive content

Exclusive multimedia content, accessible only to holders of selected NFTs. Through such content, a personalized and unique experience can be provided to users. Compatible multimedia content includes audio, video, documents and images.


Access to services that require reservations. Users can book events and vacations directly by connecting to a dedicated calendar, simplifying the organization and management of reservations and eliminating the need for intermediaries or traditional booking platforms.

Physical Product

Redeeming a physical good as a result of the NFT claim. All product information can be uploaded and viewed by the user. The user entitled to the physical product can redeem it by entering the shipping information.


Ability to set up questionnaires and surveys for users participating in marketing campaigns, specifically these include:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Open-ended questions
  • File upload requests (images, audio, video)
  • Email requests.


It is possible to make survey response a mandatory requirement for access to exclusive services and rewards.


Free distribution of cryptocurrencies or tokens to users who satisfy specific requirements. The tokens are transferred via digital wallets. Users can be rewarded for their activities, such as promoting the brand on social media through content sharing, inviting new users, participating in company events, and much more.

Evento IRL

Accesso esclusivo a eventi, come concerti e conferenze, per i possessori di NFT. Gli utenti possono effettuare il claim e scaricare il QR code necessario per accedere all’evento. Una volta riscattato il QR code, l’accesso all’evento è automatico, senza bisogno di ulteriori registrazioni.