Promo code

Redeeming a secret promo code following the NFT claim. The codes, generated in-house, can be used on any platform, such as your own e-commerce. By associating a promo code with this type of campaign, the strategy’s return on investment can be accurately and automatically measured and monitored.

IRL Event

Exclusive access to events such as concerts and conferences for NFT holders. Users can make the claim and download the QR code needed to access the event. Once the QR code is redeemed, access to the event is automatic, with no further registration required.

Evento IRL

Accesso esclusivo a eventi, come concerti e conferenze, per i possessori di NFT. Gli utenti possono effettuare il claim e scaricare il QR code necessario per accedere all’evento. Una volta riscattato il QR code, l’accesso all’evento è automatico, senza bisogno di ulteriori registrazioni.